Vol 8 No 4 (2023)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The fourth issue for 2023

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The North Caucasian Frontier

Sharafutdin A. Magaramov (Author)
The Russian Frontier in the North Caucasus: Issues of Periodization
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Tatyana A. Kolosovskaya (Author)
Exploring the Issue of Historical Knowledge Production Regarding the Caucasus Periphery of the Russian Empire (Based on the Research Practices of A. P. Berge)
Abstract views: 121 | Galleys Downloads: 75
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Dmitry S. Tkachenko (Author)
Frontier Orientalism in D.A. Milyutin's Descriptions of the North Caucasus in the 1840s
Abstract views: 112 | Galleys Downloads: 65
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The Northwest Frontier

Vladimir N. Smirnov (Author)
The Imperial Frontier in the Worldview of the Decembrists: F. N. Glinka—Romantic Christianity and Karelian Ethnography
Abstract views: 118 | Galleys Downloads: 58
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Olga P. Ilyukha, Alexandra V. Chebakovskaya (Author)
Illegal Crossings of the Soviet-Finnish Border by Children and Youngsters in the 1920s
Abstract views: 127 | Galleys Downloads: 79
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Siberian and Far Eastern Frontiers

Denis Yu. Khomenko (Author)
The Establishment of Latvian National Organizations in Krasnoyarsk, 1915-1916, as a Result of the Refugee Movement
Abstract views: 119 | Galleys Downloads: 59
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Ildar R. Hamzin, Rustam T. Ganiev, Anton V. Kochnev (Author)
Constructing the Frontier: Russian-Chinese Trade as a Factor in the Modernization of the Far East at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries
Abstract views: 129 | Galleys Downloads: 62
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Legal Regulations on Series of Frontier Issues

Vitaliy A. Voropanov (Author)
The Role and Importance of a City and District Police as Bodies of Administrative Justice in the Context of the Integration of Siberia into the Russian Empire in 1782–1862
Abstract views: 143 | Galleys Downloads: 57
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Nikita V. Kuznecov-Lipeckij, Sergey V. Vinogradov, Nataliya I. Kulakova (Author)
State Policy of Labor Migration Regulation in the Volga-Caspian Fishing Region in the Second Half of the 18th to the First Half of the 19th Century
Abstract views: 136 | Galleys Downloads: 56
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Education Issues on the Russian Frontier

Pena Besherov, Tatiana N. Zhukovskaya (Author)
The School System of the Transcaspian Region in the 1890s‑1910s as a Reflection of Imperial Unification Policy
Abstract views: 119 | Galleys Downloads: 82
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Timur A. Magsumov (Author)
The Emergence of Secondary Professional Education in Kazan Educational District in the course of the Russian Empire Modernization
Abstract views: 104 | Galleys Downloads: 78
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Frontiers, Identity and Cultural Memory

Olga I. Vendina, Mikhail S. Karpenko (Author)
Toponymic Landscape of the Kazakhstan-Russia Borderland: Cultural Sovereignty and Renaming Policies
Abstract views: 130 | Galleys Downloads: 81
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Yakov A. Lazarev, Daniil O. Manin (Author)
Social and Cultural Development of the Southwestern Peripheries of the Russian State in the 17th Century: New Aspects
Abstract views: 144 | Galleys Downloads: 60
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