No 1 (2016)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The first issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2016

Russian Frontier

Сергей Николаевич Якушенков, Олеся Сергеевна Якушенкова (Author)
«Power of land»: formation of new otherness in the conditions of frontier
Abstract views: 242 | Galleys Downloads: 685
pdf (Русский)
Наталья Сергеевна Канатьева (Author)
Sectarianism in the lower Volga frontier in the XIX century: pescherokopateley sect
Abstract views: 199 | Galleys Downloads: 840
pdf (Русский)
Елена Владиславовна Хлыщева (Author)
Constructs of cross-cultural interaction on the frontier’s territories: to a problem of cultural safety
Abstract views: 215 | Galleys Downloads: 733
pdf (Русский)

Frontier Abroad

Юлия Александровна Кудряшова (Author)
The role of the missionary stations in the dissemination of european models of education in West Africa in the second half of the nineteenth century
Abstract views: 196 | Galleys Downloads: 619
pdf (Русский)
Владимир Олегович Кулаков (Author)
North provinces of Iran in the history of russian frontier in the Caspian region
Abstract views: 188 | Galleys Downloads: 503
pdf (Русский)

People Frontier

Анна Петровна Романова (Author)
A frontiersman, a hunter, a warrior
Abstract views: 231 | Galleys Downloads: 800
pdf (Русский)
Нагима Аблихатовна Ермуханова (Author)
Jahangir the khan of the Bukey horde – man of the Lower Volga frontier
Abstract views: 332 | Galleys Downloads: 697
pdf (Русский)
Мария Михайловна Бичарова (Author)
International family as mycro-model of frontier & cultural safety problems
Abstract views: 190 | Galleys Downloads: 819
pdf (Русский)

Frontier in the media

Евгений Геннадьевич Довбыш (Author)
Electronic frontier as a metaphor
Abstract views: 192 | Galleys Downloads: 441
pdf (Русский)
Сергей Николаевич Якушенков, Олеся Сергеевна Якушенков (Author)
The reflection of postfrontier processes in american cinema
Abstract views: 230 | Galleys Downloads: 679
pdf (Русский)
Растям Туктарович Алиев (Author)
The frontier archetypes of american comics (the example of Superman and Guardians of the galaxy)
Abstract views: 298 | Galleys Downloads: 707
pdf (Русский)