The reflection of postfrontier processes in american cinema
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the Other, Alien, Native Americans, cinema, frontier, postfrontier, western

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1. Якушенков С., Якушенков О. The reflection of postfrontier processes in american cinema // Journal of Frontier Studies. 2016. № 1. C. 116-125.


The authors analyze the specifics of the reflection of postfrontier processes and images in the American cinema. During postfrontier period, there comes a kind of searching and reviewing the established forms of the interaction with a stranger. Dialogue with a stranger, previously characterized by a complete rejection and the attempts of physical destruction of the Other is now replaced by a desire to "consume" his culture in different ways. The Analysis of postfrontier cinema shows that frontier, as a special cultural category, is still here, and this images and motifs continue to haunt the minds of Americans. Old ideas in such circumstances acquires new meanings, and the revision of these motifs occurs very rapidly, what is especially noticeable on the components of mass culture.  Postfrontier brings us a new kind of cinema and new heroes of it  are not brave soldiers and fighters with the Indians, but indigenous representatives themselves or the characters who take their side. However, it goes without saying that the cinema is just one of the many facets of the specific and complex process called postfrontier.

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