Vol 5 No 1 (2020): Boundaries of Identity and Spatial Boundaries of the City
Boundaries of Identity and Spatial Boundaries of the City

This issue is devoted to the problems of forming, crossing and transforming borders in city spaces, as well as the study of identities that determine the urban "context". Research of the range of issues related to philosophy of the city is undertaken in terms of boundaries, which can be not only spatial but also temporal, social, symbolic or mental. The theme of the issue includes the concept of borderland, which is revealed in language and literary practice. The papers included in this collection are united by the search for specific relationships between the identity processes and the formation of spatial-territorial “fields”.

Guest Editors: Zhanna V. Nikolaeva, Anna A. Troitskaya

The reported study was partly funded by RFBR according to the research project № 18-011-00552 at SPSU".

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Zhanna V. Nikolaeva, Anna A. Troitskaya (Author)
Discourse on Identity as a Way of Understanding Urban Space
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Boundaries of Identity and Spatial Boundaries of the City

Alberto Pirni (Author)
Exclusion, Transition, and Recognition: Normative Archetypes for Crossing Urban Social Spaces
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Vlada V. Koroleva (Author)
The Social Position of Women in Cities in the USA During the 1960s-1980s
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Leila Tavi (Author)
Postwar Heuristic Strategies of Exclusion and Inclusion in Moscow Architecture
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Polina S. Churakova (Author)
St. Petersburg Datcha's as a Cultural Frontier Zone
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Gabriella Pelloni (Author); Elina A. Sarakaeva
Transitions in the Novel Zwischenstationen by Vladimir Vertlib
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Ievgeniia Voloshchuk (Author)
A Swabian Plow in the Ukrainian Sky: Literary Representations of the German-Ukrainian Borderland in the Memory Discourse on the Volhynian Germans (Based on the Works by Hans-Ulrich Treichel)
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Krzysztof Duda (Author); Roman A. Turovsky
Crossing Borders According Stanislaw Vincenz as a Source of Creativity
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Marina A. Krivenkaya (Author)
Specificities of Cultural Environments Frontier in the Terminology of Intercultural Interaction
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Daria A. Kolesnikova (Author)
Foreword to the Translation of Martin Heidegger's Essay "Building, Dwelling, Thinking" (1954)
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Martin Heidegger (Author); Daria A. Kolesnikova
Building, Dwelling, Thinking
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