St. Petersburg Datcha's as a Cultural Frontier Zone


In the article, the space of St. Petersburg datcha's in the second half of the XIX- early XX centuries is considered as a cultural frontier zone. In other words, as a space of simultaneous differentiation and interaction of two poles: the village and the city. Particular attention in the article is paid to the impact of the specifics of the datcha space on the nature of the formation and functioning of datcha community.

The intermediate location of datcha determines their uniqueness: dacha is in relatively equal proximity and distance from the city and village, as a result of which the properties and features of both of these spaces are manifested. These properties and traits leave their mark on the everyday life of the datcha community, including the set of sociocultural practices that are exist in it: the system of local self-government, forms of organization of leisure and out-of-leisure time of members of the datcha community, ways of physical and symbolic development of space. This is expressed in the fact that in the datcha is new ones appear and existing ones are being modernized in the urban or rural community ways of interaction, and therefore new sign systems appear and a new space is formed that cannot be unambiguously defined as urban or rural.
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