Journal of Frontier Studies

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Vol 6 No 4 (2021)
Published December 10, 2021
Ethnic Minorities in Russia: 19th – 20th centuries

A special issue publishes the proceedings of the Second International Scientific Conference “Ethnic Minorities in the History of Russia”, which took place on November 5-6, 2021 at the Pushkin Leningrad State University (Russia, St. Petersburg, Pushkin).

Editor: Vladimir N. Shaidurov, Dr. Habilitatus in History, Associate Professor, Head of the Scientific and Educational Center for Historical Research and Analysis, A.S. Pushkin Leningrad State University (Russia, St. Petersburg, Pushkin).

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Ethnic Minorities in the Mirror of Government Policy

Lilia V. Kalmina (Author)
Ethnic Policy in Transbaikalia at the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries: Regional Nuances
Abstract views: 39 | PDF Downloads: 40
pdf (Русский)
Mikhail S. Kamenskikh (Author)
Language and Language Policy of Komi-Permyaks in the 1920-1930s
Abstract views: 38 | PDF Downloads: 40
pdf (Русский)
Anna N. Blinova, Tatyana B. Smirnova, Elena A. Shlegel (Author)
The Influence of Deportation on the Identity of Germans of Russia and Kazakhstan
Abstract views: 37 | PDF Downloads: 36
pdf (Русский)

Ethnic Minorities in Contact Zones

Alexander V. Tschernych, Mikhail S. Kamenskikh (Author)
Frontiers of Soviet Resettlements: Cultural Borders and Cross-Cultural Interaction between Russians and Chuvashes in the South Part of Kama Region in the 1920-1930s
Abstract views: 37 | PDF Downloads: 37
pdf (Русский)
Elena A. Brukhanova, Natalya V. Nezhentseva, Oksana I. Chekryzhova (Author)
Muslim Population in the Siberian Cities according to the Census of 1897
Abstract views: 46 | PDF Downloads: 36
pdf (Русский)
Vladimir N. Shaidurov (Author)
The German Population of Siberia in the Conditions of Social Transformations of the 1900s-1920s
Abstract views: 43 | PDF Downloads: 43
pdf (Русский)
Ivan I. Krott (Author)
The Place of Modernity: German Entrepreneurship in Western Siberia in the late 19th – early 20th Centuries
Abstract views: 41 | PDF Downloads: 27
pdf (Русский)
Svetlana A. Mulina (Author)
Communication Strategies of Polish Exiles of the second half of the 19th Century (the example of Tara and Kurgan)
Abstract views: 35 | PDF Downloads: 22
pdf (Русский)
Tatyana G. Nedzelyuk (Author)
“Please Send Us a Priest of Our German Nationality…”: The Confessional/Ethnic in the Worldview of the Siberian Catholics
Abstract views: 38 | PDF Downloads: 25
pdf (Русский)
Ksenia A. Tishkina (Author)
The Activities of the Tomsk Department of the Society for the Dissemination of Education among Jews in Russia during the First World War
Abstract views: 33 | PDF Downloads: 23
pdf (Русский)
Ilnara I. Khanipova (Author)
The Images of the Other in Intercultural Interaction: on the Problem of Perception of another Culture in Multinational Tatarstan in the 1930-1970s
Abstract views: 37 | PDF Downloads: 28
pdf (Русский)


Elena S. Genina, Vladislav A. Ovchinnikov (Author)
The “Cosmopolitan” Historian I. P. Schmidt: Chapters of a Biography
Abstract views: 50 | PDF Downloads: 25
pdf (Русский)
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