From Kimono to Big Mac: An Analysis of Russian Internet Queries as a Reflection of Stereotypes Forming Images of the Other
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Internet Queries Ethnic Stereotypes Cultural Perception Image of the “Other” Intercultural Interactions Data Analysis Russian Society Cultural Perceptions Social Prejudices Evolution of Public Opinion

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1. Aliev R. From Kimono to Big Mac: An Analysis of Russian Internet Queries as a Reflection of Stereotypes Forming Images of the Other // Journal of Frontier Studies. 2024. № 1 (9). C. 165-186.


The study addresses the analysis of the ethnic “Other” images in the stereotypes of Russians, utilizing data from internet searches in Yandex and Google search engines. The primary issue is to understand how frequently encountered queries reflect cultural representations and biases, shaping the collective perception of various ethnic groups. The aim of the article is to analyze and comprehend the dynamics of public opinions and views on various aspects of other cultures, including dietary, vestimentary, and sexual habits. The research focuses on identifying key markers that Russians associate with different ethnicities.

The results demonstrate that the analysis of internet search queries can reflect a comprehensive level of public interest, fears, and apprehensions towards the cultural “Other.” The study provides a detailed view of the various forms of societal response, ranging from interest and curiosity to fears and prejudices. The analysis also revealed significant moments of intensification of interethnic tensions and changes in public discourse, particularly in the context of perceiving and interpreting cultural differences.

The conclusions of the research emphasize the importance of an objective analysis of internet queries for understanding public views and opinions about different ethnic groups. The article will be useful for researchers in the fields of cultural studies, sociology, and for those interested in studying the dynamics of cultural interaction and the perception of the ethnic “Other” in contemporary society.
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