Vol 7 No 2 (2022): Mental Borders and Memorial Frontier
Mental Borders and Memorial Frontier

A special issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies allows the reader to look at the frontier not only as a 'real' (phisical) territory on the plane of the earth, but also to trace the connection between the configuration of the territory and people's conception of it. The authors are interested in the factors influencing the formation of frontier on the mental map, i.e. (post)memory, cultural exclusion, prejudices and stereotypes, reproduction of cultural (post)trauma.

Guest Editor: Sergey A. Troitskiy, Estonian Literary Museum. Tartu, Estonia

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Mental Boundaries and Cultural Exclusion

Lidia S. Zhirnova (Author)
Russia as a Significant Other in Latvian Regional Museums: New Mental Borders and Cultural Exclusion
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Irina N. Krutova, Dmitry M. Bychkov, Giulnara M. Bilialova, Olga N. Parshina (Author)
The Caspian Sea as Intertext: from the Old Russian Literary Tradition to Modern Mass Media (Reception, Concepts, Emotions)
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Elizaveta D. Zakuraeva (Author)
Exclusion in the City Space: the Italian Experience
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Sergey A. Troitskiy, Alexey O. Tsarev (Author)
Topographic Hierarchy: an Interdisciplinary Study of Mental Space in the Perspective of Topographic Preferences
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Lyubov A. Kholova (Author)
Images of the Soviet Era in the Perception of the Student Youth of the Post-Soviet Caspian Region
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