Vol 7 No 1 (2022): The Imperial Practices of the Frontier Zone
The Imperial Practices of the Frontier Zone

This issue is a collection of materials from a conference held in November 2021 at Astrakhan State University. It was the VI Peter's Readings, entitled by the organizers "Peter the Great and Imperial Practices in the Frontier Space.

This conference was dedicated to a very important event: on October 22, 1721 the Empire was proclaimed in Russia, and Peter the Great became the first Russian emperor. This step was not a mere formality; from that moment Russia entered a new phase in its development. All this was accompanied by various imperial practices.

The conference organizers and participants tried to look at how this empire-building took place, how it realized itself in different aspects. More than 50 people took part in this international conference. Some of the papers of some of these participants were selected for this issue.

Although all of the papers deal with very different aspects of empire, they all answer the question, in one way or another, of how Empire unfolds in time and space, how it produces itself and builds relationships with others.

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Imperial Practices

Serguey N. Yakushenkov, Alexander Yu. Meshcheryakov (Author)
Gardens of Empire: Imperial Practices and the Construction of a New Imperial Space
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Irina L. Dameshek, Alexandr P. Sannikov (Author)
The Implementation of Peter the Great’s Church Policy in the Eastern Outskirts of the Russian Empire
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Lev M. Dameshek, Inna N. Mamkina (Author)
“Special Advantages” of the State Civil Service in Siberia
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Inna V. Anisimova (Author)
Imperial Judicial Policy in the Central Asian Suburbs in the second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries: Main Forms, Directions, and Results
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Maria V. Rygalova (Author)
The Impact of Modernizing Transformations on the Development of the Education System of the Steppe Region and Turkestan in the 1880s–1910s
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Andrey S. Ryazhev (Author)
The Mufti Against the Governor: a Short Confrontation, 1790–1791
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Gennady V. Bakumenko, Anna G. Luginina (Author)
Virtualization of the Socio-Cultural Frontier “Tertius Romae”
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Empire in a Personal Dimension

Vladimir N. Shaidurov, Tadeush A. Novogrodski (Author)
Authorities and Polish Exiles in the Siberia of the 19th century (Based on Epistolary Sources)
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Nikolay D. Chekulaev (Author)
Andrey T. Junger as a Representative of the Military Administration of the Romanov Dynasty in Dagestan
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Vladimir N. Smirnov (Author)
Imperial Frontier in the World Outlook of the Decembrists. A. A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky: a Romantic Historiosophy and Expansion into the Caucasus
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