Modern Methods and Methodology of Historical and Biographical Research


The development of science in the Soviet autonomous republics was the result of a consistent policy of the government, especially when the institutions have opened up. The Institute of History, Language and Literature (IHLL) occupies a worthy place among the scientific collectives of UFRC of RAS. It is one of the oldest research institutions of Bashkortostan (BASSR). Human factor, a specific personality, has always been playing an important role in the history of many crucial events of research institutions of the 20th century. IHLL started its activity by solving urgent issues of Bashkir writing, national literature, the accumulation of folklore, archaeological and ethnographic material, etc. Therefore, a lot depended on the personality of the leader. Being opened as The Society for the Study of Everyday life, Culture and History of Bashkiria with Nuriagzam Tagirov at its head in 1922, it was renamed The Bashkir Research Institute of National Culture, where Mikhail Arefyevich Solyanov became the first director. The development of Russian historical personalism in the twentieth century allowed us to restore many biographies of the Institute employees, also of the eminent personalities of our republic and Russia. It is significant that on this particular 100th anniversary of the institution these methods and methodology made possible to clarify many aspects of our first director workdays, to link the IHLL through his personality with such renowned organizations as The Russian State Library named after V. I. Lenin and MSLI. The role of M. A. Solyanov was bright but short-lived. After all historical personalism has its scientific and practical significance. The work will find its reader among historians, philosophers, teachers of the humanities.
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