Vol 7 No 4 (2022)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The fourth issue of 2022

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Siberian and Far Eastern Frontiers

Maria V. Sentyabova, Yuriy V. Ryabov (Author)
The Historical Studies of the Spaces of the Siberian Frontier
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Vladimir A. Ilinykh (Author)
The Agrarian Development of Siberia in the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries: from Post-Frontier to Heartland
Abstract views: 201 | Galleys Downloads: 490
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Evgeniya V. Komleva (Author)
“From the Capital, Forever Donated by Him...”: Endowments in the Merchant Environment of Siberia (the 19th – Early 20th Centuries)
Abstract views: 190 | Galleys Downloads: 635
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Ruslan V. Pavlyukevich, Natalya V. Gonina, Ekaterina V. Sminova (Author)
A Comparative Analysis of the Socio-Demographic Development of the Cities in Siberia and Amazonia in the second half of the 20th century
Abstract views: 185 | Galleys Downloads: 553
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Oxana P. Kolomiets (Author)
On the Far Frontiers: the Modern Realities of Life in the Chukchi Village of Meynypilgyno
Abstract views: 169 | Galleys Downloads: 488
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Galina A. Shusharina, Zhanna V. Petrunina (Author)
The Mechanisms of Constructing the Image of the Far Eastern Provincial City in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Periods
Abstract views: 178 | Galleys Downloads: 855
Angelina S. Vashchuk, Nikolay S. Vorontsov (Author)
The Far Eastern Frontier of the 1990s: From “Fortress Territory” to New Forms of Regional Development
Abstract views: 215 | Galleys Downloads: 1078
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Local Frontier Practices

Nina A. Vlaskina (Author)
Cereals in the Agrarian Rites of the Don Cossacks: the Economic Context, Local Versions, and Dynamics of Tradition
Abstract views: 180 | Galleys Downloads: 252
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Elena V. Borodina (Author)
Horse Theft in the Urals in the 1730s
Abstract views: 200 | Galleys Downloads: 701
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Zukhra R. Sabirova (Author)
Modern Methods and Methodology of Historical and Biographical Research
Abstract views: 218 | Galleys Downloads: 1090
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Global Frontier

Sumana Das, Md. Anisujjaman (Author)
Temporal Changes of Bordering Practices in the Indo-Bangladesh Border
Abstract views: 270 | Galleys Downloads: 848
Andrey A. Boltaevskiy, Stanislav A. Agureev (Author)
Slavery in Dutch Guiana and the Dutch Colonial Ethos
Abstract views: 238 | Galleys Downloads: 528
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