No 4 (2017)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The fourth issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2017


Russian Frontier

Наталья Владимировна Власова (Author)
Masterpieces of monumental temple painting and the experience of preserving religious art in the soviet period in the Astrakhan region (the question of the authorship of the murals of the Astrakhan Gostinno-Nikolaevskaya church)
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Светлана Владимировна Бойденко, Константин Викторович Скиба (Author)
The demolition of kabardian refugees of prince Ali Karamurzin in the literary heritage of Ilya Timofeevich Radozhitsky
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Анна Петровна Романова (Author)
Jorney from Astrakhan to Grozny and back: a quarter century absence
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Frontiers in a comparative perspective

Растям Туктарович Алиев (Author)
The changes in some linguistic patterns of the Tatars in the frontier spaces: the tatars of the Astrakhan region and the Tatar migrants in China
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Михаил Сергеевич Топчиев (Author)
Religious landscape of border territories: the problem of functioning
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Максим Валерьевич Кирчанов (Author)
«New wine into old wineskins»: the other horizons of frontier studies and performative turn in fantasy between medievalism and traditional poetics
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Наталья Викторовна Плотичкина (Author)
Heroes of network frontier
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Frontier Abroad

Надежда Владимировна Павленко (Author)
Frontier with a japanese face
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