No 2 (2017)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The second issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2018

Russian Frontier

Анатолий Матвеевич Тюрин (Author)
Kalmyks, kara-nogais, kuban nogais and crimean tatars – genogeography and genogenealogy aspects
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Александр Юрьевич Мещеряков, Олег Константинович Антропов (Author)
Russian diaspora in China: variant of cultural hybridity
Abstract views: 306 | Galleys Downloads: 259
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Frontier Abroad

Константин Дмитриевич Камышев (Author)
«The arab factor» in development of the Roman-Iranian borderland
Abstract views: 172 | Galleys Downloads: 126
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Максим Валерьевич Кирчанов (Author)
Imagining and inventing Syria: alawites as frontier case of genesis of the nation in the arabic world
Abstract views: 244 | Galleys Downloads: 188
Оксана Сергеевна Якушенкова (Author)
From the war to diplomacy: roles of native american women on the american frontier
Abstract views: 195 | Galleys Downloads: 121
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