No 2 (2018)
Journal of Frontier Studies

Second issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2018

Theoretical questions

Елена Владиславовна Хлыщева (Author)
The frontier of identities: the problem of cultural borders
Abstract views: 220 | Galleys Downloads: 181
pdf (Русский)
Алиса Валерьевна Толстокорова (Author)
Food dividends of migration: agents of cross-borderness and cultural continuity
Abstract views: 185 | Galleys Downloads: 109
Максим Валерьевич Кирчанов (Author)
The splendours and miseries of pyramidology, or the frontier cases of (not)knowledge: from orientalism to alientalism
Abstract views: 163 | Galleys Downloads: 109

Russian Frontier

Илья Васильевич Торопицын (Author)
The Big Nogai in the North Caucasus in the middle of the 17th century
Abstract views: 178 | Galleys Downloads: 132
pdf (Русский)
Наталья Сергеевна Канатьева (Author)
Kaspulat the Brave, or protection of the Astrakhan kremlin during the Razin’s rebellion
Abstract views: 168 | Galleys Downloads: 115
pdf (Русский)
Анатолий Матвеевич Тюрин (Author)
Orenburg region: the frontier on the river Berdianka. The cossacks and settlers farmers
Abstract views: 189 | Galleys Downloads: 131
pdf (Русский)