Vol 8 No 2 (2023)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The second issue for 2023

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Siberian and Far Eastern Frontiers

Lyubov G. Zaiceva, Yurij M. Goncharov, Denis S. Bobrov (Author)
Roads and Ways of the South of Western Siberia on Russian Maps in the First Half and the Middle of the 18th century
Abstract views: 280 | Galleys Downloads: 291
pdf (Русский)
Mikhail G. Agapov (Author)
“The Most Remote Household of Science”: the West Siberian Experience of Educational Colonization
Abstract views: 222 | Galleys Downloads: 1882
pdf (Русский)
Dina V. Andriianova, Vladimir M. Kostomarov (Author)
Bureaucracy and Civil Servants of the Tobolsk and Tomsk Provincial Administrations of the late 19th – early 20th Centuries in the Spatial Dimension
Abstract views: 198 | Galleys Downloads: 1841
pdf (Русский)
Ksenia A. Tishkina, Dmitriy I. Petin (Author)
Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Soviet Power Restoration in Siberia in 1929 (the Example of the Omsk District)
Abstract views: 210 | Galleys Downloads: 1871
pdf (Русский)
Alexander V. Golovinov, Yulia V. Golovinova (Author)
“There is Nothing More Useful Than the Abolition of this Fruitless Punishment”: The Narrative of the Abolition of Exile to Siberia in N. M. Yadrintsev's Work of the 1870s
Abstract views: 277 | Galleys Downloads: 2024
pdf (Русский)
Vladimir V. Gonchar, Vladimir D. Povolotsky (Author)
Japanese Medical Presence in the Territory of Construction and Operation of the Chinese Eastern Railway (1897-1922)
Abstract views: 245 | Galleys Downloads: 1535
pdf (Русский)
Alexander Yu. Meshcheryakov (Author)
Frontier Case of the Railroad Technician Luzhanskiy: Casus of Direct Violence in Manchuria (1901)
Abstract views: 209 | Galleys Downloads: 1651
pdf (Русский)

Life on the Borders

Irina M. Fedina (Author)
Military-Administrative and Demographic Aspects of the Kuban Cossack Settlements Formation on the Adagum Cordon Line in the Trans-Kuban (1860s)
Abstract views: 194 | Galleys Downloads: 1385
pdf (Русский)
Nadezhda V. Korshunova, Pavel A. Stromov (Author)
Uyskaya Fortification Line of the 18th – 19th centuries According to the Materials of Field and Archive Research
Abstract views: 200 | Galleys Downloads: 231
pdf (Русский)
Ludmila K. Nefedova, Amina Sh. Rudi, Olga M. Kordas (Author)
Bordeline Cultural Practices in Modern Society: the Anthropo-Creating Function
Abstract views: 272 | Galleys Downloads: 1657

Memorative Practices

Natalia B. Gramatchikova (Author)
Memorial Landscape of the Ural Town in the Material of Folklore Archive (Kaslee, 1970‑1980)
Abstract views: 223 | Galleys Downloads: 1939
pdf (Русский)
Dmitry V. Mikheev (Author)
The Image of the Native Ruler in the Writings of the Participants of the Circumnavigations of the 16th century
Abstract views: 225 | Galleys Downloads: 1980
pdf (Русский)
Evghenii V. Romanin (Author)
The Image of the Violator of Ethno-Cultural and Ethno-Racial Identity Borders as Reflected by Xenopejorative Lexemes of the English and Russian Languages
Abstract views: 209 | Galleys Downloads: 1906
pdf (Русский)
Ferenc Bódi (Author)
Forbidden Mourning. Szolyva (Svaliava) – From Zone of Oblivion to Zone of Remembrance
Abstract views: 248 | Galleys Downloads: 2187
Diana Ozola, Maija Burima (Author)
Geopolitical Discourse in Contemporary Latvian and American Travel Narratives
Abstract views: 197 | Galleys Downloads: 1597


Baazr A. Bicheev (Author)
Buddhist Coast of the Caspian Sea: Tantric Ritual and Textual Tradition
Abstract views: 232 | Galleys Downloads: 1486
pdf (Русский)
Anton K. Salmin (Author)
The Migration History of the Savirs
Abstract views: 196 | Galleys Downloads: 1885
Valentina N. Burkova (Author)
Towards the Challenges of Cross-Cultural Research: Experience on COVID-19 Project
Abstract views: 315 | Galleys Downloads: 1542
pdf (Русский)