Vol 7 No 3 (2022)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The Third Issue of 2022

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South Russia Frontier

Konstantin A. Markelov, Pavel L. Karabushenko, Rafik Kh. Usmanov, Sabina A. Velikaia (Author)
Caspian Elite Consensus: a Pact of Integration in a Globalizing World
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Yuliya A. Davydova, Ekaterina V. Kargapolova, Marina A. Simonenko, Andrey A. Lezhebokov (Author)
Cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan in Ensuring Integrated Security in the Caspian Macro Region
Abstract views: 270 | Galleys Downloads: 647
Andrey A. Avdashkin (Author)
Migration in the Russian-Kazakhstan Border Region (on the Example of the South Urals)
Abstract views: 263 | Galleys Downloads: 747
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Sergey V. Vinogradov, Elena V. Savelyeva, Oleg V. Likholet, Oleg N. Khotinetskiy (Author)
Problems of Transport Communication Development on the Caspian Sea in the Context oh the Discussion on the Construction of the Caspian-Volga Channel in the Early 20th Century
Abstract views: 1029 | Galleys Downloads: 588
Valery V. Kanishchev, Sergey K. Lyamin (Author)
Frontier Roots of Demographic Stability of Large Modern Russian Settlements in the South of the European Part of Russia
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Mariya A. Kolomeytseva, Alexandr N. Komandzhaev (Author)
The Image of a Man of the Frontier on the example of the Don's Nonresident Peasantry
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Tatyana Yu. Vlaskina (Author)
Traditional Cuisine of the Nekrasov Cossacks
Abstract views: 179 | Galleys Downloads: 909
Viktor A. Avksentev, Galina D. Gritsenko, Svetlana Y. Ivanova, Marina M. Shulga (Author)
Cultural Memory of the North Caucasian Communities in the Conditions of the Risk-Generating Ethnopolitical Situation
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Global Frontier

Dmitry V. Mikheev (Author)
Running From the Edge of Earth: Desertion During Circumnavigations of the 16th Century
Abstract views: 285 | Galleys Downloads: 736
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Asia A. Sarakaeva (Author)
Native Chieftains and Chinese Judges. The Struggles for Power and Property in the Eighteenth-century South China Frontier
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Identifying Self and the Other

Rastyam T. Aliev, Olesya S. Yakushenkova (Author)
A Comparativistic Analysis of the Transformation of Alimentary Aspect of the Other’s Image: 2018-2022
Abstract views: 262 | Galleys Downloads: 616
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