Vol 5 No 4 (2020)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The fourth issue of 2020

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Frontier and Imagined Communities

Elena V. Ponomarenko (Author)
Influence of the Architecture of Orthodox, Muslim and Lamaist Churches on Each Other in the Territory of the Southern Urals
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Svetlana M. Dudarenock, Oksana P. Fedirko (Author)
Revival and Development of Protestantism and Catholicism in the Far East of Russia in the 1990s
Abstract views: 364 | Galleys Downloads: 196
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Antonina V. Selezneva, Natalia V. Smulkina (Author)
Political and Psychological Features of Slavic Countries’ Perception by Russian Citizens
Abstract views: 378 | Galleys Downloads: 207
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Serguey N. Yakushenkov, Vladimir V. Palatkin (Author)
We will Feed Our and a New World : Several Cases of Food Ways of Frontier Regions. Part I
Abstract views: 419 | Galleys Downloads: 249
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Frontier in the World Context

Andrey A. Boltaevskiy (Author)
Surinamese Maroons: Historical Features of the Formation of an Ethnosocial Group in a Frontier Society
Abstract views: 331 | Galleys Downloads: 234
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Sergey K. Pestsov, Andrei B. Volynchuk (Author)
Cross-Border Cooperation in the Strategy of «Revitalization» of the North-East of China
Abstract views: 259 | Galleys Downloads: 210
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Related Questions of Frontier Theory

Anna A. Troitskaya (Author)
Marking a Place: the Role of Void Spaces in the Mental Boundaries of a City (on the Example of the Smolenka River Mouth)
Abstract views: 358 | Galleys Downloads: 241
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Vladimir A. Boldin, Alexander A. Shirinyants (Author)
“History is Memory Correction”
Abstract views: 274 | Galleys Downloads: 212
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