Vol 5 No 2 (2020): Cultural Memory in Frontier: Social Practices and Transformation Mechanisms
Cultural Memory in Frontier: Social Practices and Transformation Mechanisms

The special issue of the journal is devoted to the specifics of addressing the past in the conditions of the cultural frontier. The concept of frontier has long ceased to be associated exclusively with geographical boundaries, becoming an ontological characteristic of the existence of local communities and individuals in the modern world. The border state imprint not only on the interaction of communities with each other, but also on the formation of new memorial practices, which turn into a specific way of communication - not only with the past, but also with the present and the future. The articles included in the issue reveal complex and diverse ways of superimposing collective memories on the border cultural landscape, as well as demonstrating methodological, historical and cultural aspects of the analysis of cultural memory in the context of frontiers research.

Guest Editor: Daniil A. Anikin, PhD, Associate Professor, Moscow State University. Moscow, Russia / Saratov State University by N.G. Chernyshevsky


Daniil A. Anikin (Author)
Frontier Issues in Cultural Memory Research
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General Questions of Frontier Theory

Andreas Buller, Andrei A. Linchenko (Author)
Cultural Memory of Migrants and the Host Society in the Epoch of Multiculturalism
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Alexander V. Ovchinnikov (Author)
A Symbolic Limit of Frontier: «the Gene Pool of People» and Migration, Past and Present
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Boundaries and Cross-Border: Symbols, Actors, Practices

Denis S. Artamonov (Author)
«Window to Europe» in Cultural Memory: Metamorphoses of the Frontier Metaphor
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Elena V. Alekseeva (Author)
Russian America: Actors, Places and Forms of Cultural Memory
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Maksym W. Kyrchanoff (Author)
«Arian Myth» as a Frontier Case of Invention of Traditions and Historical Imagination of non-Western Nationalisms
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