No 4.2 (2019): Zones of Cultural Exclusion and Borderlines: Between Space and Cultural Memory
Zones of Cultural Exclusion and Borderlines: Between Space and Cultural Memory

The proposed issue contains articles of the participants of the Annual Scientific Conference "Mechanisms for Formation of Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones" which takes place in St. Petersburg. The texts selected for publication in this issue highlight the cultural phenomena from the perspective of their impact on the transformation of space. In other words, the authors of this issue are interested in how cultural experience and cultural memory are embodied in the structure of space. This issue may be of interest to anthropologists, historians, sociologists, philosophers, literary scholars, geographers, culturologists, specialists in Border Studies, Cultural Studies, Trauma Studies, Memory Studies, etc..

Guest Editor: Sergey Troitsky, Center for Cultural Research and Intercultural Communication, Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University, St. Petersburg, Russia / Research Center for Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones, Sociological Institute, RAS, Russia)

Zones of Cultural Exclusion and Borderlines

Peter Ulrich, Сергей Троицкий (Author)
The Complexity of «Borders»: Research Agendas, Terminology and Classification
pdf (Русский)
Chaslav D. Koprivitsa (Author)
The Syndrom of Deep Borderland’s Identitites. Contributions for Understanding of Krajina
pdf (Русский)
Даниил Александрович Аникин (Author)
[RETRACTED] Soviet Past as a Lacuna of Memory: the Specifics of the Border Region
pdf (Русский)
Владимир Иванович Ильин (Author)
The Old Russian North as a Space of Life Chances: History and Contemporary Period
pdf (Русский)
Annegret Pelz (Author)
West-Eastern Album Poetics. To the East-West Migration of Small Literary Forms
pdf (Русский)
Елена Александровна Поправко (Author)
The Representation of Russia (USSR) in the Exxpositions of Chinese Museums
pdf (Русский)
Николай Иванович Карбаинов (Author)
The Image of Ivan the Terrible in post-Soviet Tatarstan: Elitist Version and Mass Representations
pdf (Русский)
Юлия Валерьевна Зевако (Author)
Creation of «Affiliative Postmemory» about the Epoch of Political Repressions (on the Example of Teenagers - Pupils 9-11 Classes)
pdf (Русский)
Ralitsa Savova (Author)
Costs of Bulgarian Labour Migration and Labour Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities