No 1 (2019)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The first issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2019

Russian Frontier

Владимир Кузьмич Абрамов (Author)
Struggle for Power in Mordovia at the Boundary Turn of the 1980-1990-ies
pdf (Русский)
Флюра Анваровна Такташева (Author)
Development of the Ethnic Structure of the Population in the Stalingrad Region in 1939 – 1959s.
pdf (Русский)
Иван Ростиславович Соколовский (Author)
The Mapping of the Russian Agrarian Colonization of Siberia XVII
pdf (Русский)

Frontier Abroad

Владимир Иванович Кулаков (Author)
Scandinavian Fibulae of the Prussians on the Baltic Coast
pdf (Русский)

People Frontier

Сергей Николаевич Якушенков (Author)
The Life, Given to Australia: in Memoriam Deborah Bird Rose
pdf (Русский)