No 3 (2016)
Journal of Frontier Studies

The third issue of the Journal of Frontier Studies for 2016

Russian Frontier

Татьяна Валерьевна Жиброва (Author)
«To beat with a whip mercilessly»: Voronezh district as a frontier of the XVII century
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Matthew P. Romaniello (Author)
Russian women and orthodox ideals on the early Modern frontier
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Растям Туктарович Алиев (Author)
The problem of Yurt Tatars' ethnic identity
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Константин Викторович Скиба (Author)
The death of the «major duke of temirgoys» Dzhambulat Dolotokov near fortress Prochnyi okop in october of 1836
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Людмила Владимировна Щеглова, Наталья Борисовна Шипулина (Author)
Flea markets of Volgograd: cultural and socio-psychological specificity
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Вячеслав Петрович Степанов (Author)
Transformation of ethnopolitical dimension in the values of european culture (about the crisis of multiculturalism in european community and reaction on the process of the new democracies: the example of the republic of Moldova)
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Frontier Abroad

Илья Васильевич Торопицын (Author)
Some features of the art of war of the North american prairie indians
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