«To beat with a whip mercilessly»: Voronezh district as a frontier of the XVII century
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Voronezh district, cities
South of Russia, customs fees, the pub, the mug yard, drinking duty.

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1. Жиброва Т. «To beat with a whip mercilessly»: Voronezh district as a frontier of the XVII century // Journal of Frontier Studies. 2016. № 3. C. 7-17.


The article is devoted to the problem of organization of customs duties’ and tavern money collection on the southern outskirts of Russia, in one of the counties "on the Field", on the example of the archival materials of Voronezh district in the XVII century. The isolation from the center of the country, the border position of the district influenced the social composition of local residents, their lifestyles, ways of farming, and, one way or another, impact on the administrative mechanisms of local government. Traditionally strong power of managers sent there to "be fed" in the period under review, faced the attempts of the Central government to strengthen its control over state duties. One of large sums of money, customs and tavern money, or the "drink fee" given "on a payoff" to so-called tax-farmers, temporarily, for a specified period, inferred from the power of the Governor. However, most often they were collected "on faith” by customs and tavern heads to guarantee big sums, as all local residents in case of a shortfall provisions amounts had to pay with their own funds. The article analyzes the reasons of particular provisions of the customs and tavern heads in the South of Russia, on the example of Voronezh materials, the social composition of these officials and farmers, the complexity of their relationships with the Governor and abuse posed by a particular border position of the district.

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