Mechanisms for the Transfer of the Muslim’s Religious Memory of the "Meskhetian Turks" on the Territory of the Central Chernozem Region of the XX-XXI centuries
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1. Pokrovskaya T. Mechanisms for the Transfer of the Muslim’s Religious Memory of the "Meskhetian Turks" on the Territory of the Central Chernozem Region of the XX-XXI centuries // Journal of Frontier Studies. 2020. № 2 (5). C. 200-214.


The article discusses the specifics of preserving the identity of the ethnic group “Meskhetian Turks” who received “their own” collective trauma in the framework of the General social upheavals of the XX century and during the periods of two forced migrations. Based on in-depth interviews with three generations of ethnic representatives, the author analyzes the religious memory of the "Meskhetian Turks", who have been living in the Belgorod region since the beginning of the 1990s, and whose population traditionally professes Orthodoxy. The purpose of this work is to identify and define the principles of religious memory as an independent type, its principles and functions on the example of the religious system of Islam. Studying the mechanisms and forms of religious memory, we can note that this type of memory is an independent phenomenon. Religious memory is a way of preserving and transmitting religious consciousness and religious behavior, using action and religious language in its Arsenal. Religion and religious memory, in particular, within the framework of long-term negative events that occurred with the "Meskhetian Turks", is an active tool for both studying the trauma and preserving the uniqueness of the ethnic group, while helping to determine the identity of the people, as well as forming the religious outlook of a certain religious community from generation to generation. The materials and results of this research could be interesting to specialists in religious studies, philosophy, sociology and history.
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