The Life, Given to Australia: in Memoriam Deborah Bird Rose
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Deborah Bird Rose, biography, obituary, the Native Australians, Australian frontier

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The article is devoted to the life of the famous Australian anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose. Rose is the best example of a modern anthropologist who has devoted herself entirely to the service of science and the preservation of living being on earth. Although Deborah was born and educated in the United States, it turned out that due to her academic interests she connected her life with another continent – Australia. Studying the life of the natives Australians, comprehending their way of life, trying to understand their picture of the world, she involuntarily imbued with the depth of knowledge of the world around them.

Being the bearer of the cultural values of the two worlds, she felt very keenly this gap that separates these two pictures of the world. From her Native informants and friends, she learned to take care of the surrounding Nature, which they perceived as something with consciousness. This ultimately forced her to go through a difficult path from a humanitarian scientist, to a scientist who does not make a distinction between the world of People and the world of Nature. She protected aboriginal rights, but also fought for the preservation of endangered species. Her ability of hardworking surprises us: a wide variety of monographs, as an author and those where she was an author and an editor, a long list of articles, interviews, supervision of undergraduates and graduate students, the foundation and participation in the work of numerous fonds and public organizations involved in environmental protection, editorial work in academic journals and much more. And of course, one of the Central themes in her research was the Australian frontier. However, she was interested in other frontier cases, including American and Russian. Deborah rose died December 22, 2018, but her deeds, her words, her thoughts live in our hearts.
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